How I found ‘Trips Ahoy’ and ‘Blackberry Diesel’ ‘weed’ vapes in a state where marijuana is very much illegal

With so little regulation, it’s easy to buy chemically altered “weed” like THC-0 and HHC, even where marijuana is illegal.

TOPEKA, Kan. — When I inquired about cannabis products at a vape shop on the west side of Kansas’ capital city, the employee asked me one question: “Do you have pain, or are you trying to get f— up?”

There were plenty of options for the latter — especially for someone with a sweet tooth. For the chocoholic: “Trips Ahoy” cookies, THC “Snickers,” and “Cookies ‘n’ Cream” flavored chocolate bars. For the candy lover: gummies made to look like Haribo, Nerds Rope, and Starbursts.

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