Opinion: Inappropriate march-in actions would jeopardize public-private partnerships that make lifesaving medicines possible

Biopharma companies, policymakers, patients, and all stakeholders must address the affordability of medicines in responsible, measured ways, not through short-sighted proposals that would discourage public-private innovation.

For decades, partnerships among government-funded academic institutions and private companies in the United States have led to the discovery and development of innovative medicines that are improving, extending, and saving lives. My company’s treatment for advanced prostate cancer, Xtandi (enzalutamide), which emerged from a public-private collaboration, is an example of how this system works to benefit patients.

Yet despite the clear health benefits and broad availability of Xtandi, some individuals and organizations want to use it as a test case for disrupting the technology transfer and medical innovation ecosystem that is the pathway to the treatments of tomorrow.

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