Opinion: Listen: The faces of Covid at 1 million deaths and counting

This week's episode of the "First Opinion Podcast" takes a look at the @FacesOfCovid Twitter feed with the man who created it and keeps it going.

When Covid-19 began tearing across the U.S. in March 2020, Alex Goldstein started posting on Twitter the pictures and stories of people who had died from the disease. He was worried the spreading virus might mean months of trouble, sickness, and sadness, and wanted to stay connected to the humanity of the loss.

More than two years later, as the U.S. marks the grim milestone of 1 million people dead from Covid-19, Goldstein is still at it. The account, @FacesOfCovid, has now memorialized more than 7,000 people — parents and grandparents, children and siblings, Special Olympians, health care workers, barbers, teachers, bus drivers, Holocaust survivors, security guards, and more.

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