STAT+: Pharmalittle: India sends two pharma execs to prison; FDA’s neurology boss departs

Billy Dunn, the high-ranking FDA official behind the polarizing approval of Aduhelm, is leaving the agency.

Good morning, all. Damian Garde here filling in for Ed Silverman on the final day of a month that, while numerically quite short, has somehow felt metaphysically interminable. Here as always is a smattering of items to help you set off on another workday of meetings, deadlines, and debating the etiquette of leaving your camera off. May it be painless, and, as always, if you hear anything interesting, do let us know.

The high-ranking Food and Drug Administration official behind the polarizing approval of Aduhelm is leaving the agency, STAT reports. Billy Dunn, who led the FDA’s neuroscience department, is leaving to “explore other opportunities,” according to an internal FDA email sent Monday. Once a behind-the-scenes bureaucrat, Dunn became the center of a damaging FDA scandal in 2021 when the agency overruled its advisers to approve Aduhelm, the Biogen-developed Alzheimer’s treatment.

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