STAT+: Pharmalittle: Is the Covid-19 gold rush over for drugmakers? Monkeypox attracts interest from vaccine makers

Bavarian Nordic is making more of a smallpox vaccine typically stockpiled for biological warfare, as governments seek to offer protection against monkeypox.

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Bavarian Nordic is making more of a smallpox vaccine typically stockpiled in case of biological warfare, as governments seek doses that also offer protection against monkeypox amid an unusual outbreak around the world, The Wall Street Journal reports. Monkeypox has been reported in at least 17 countries, but there is no vaccine directed specifically against monkeypox. Smallpox vaccines like the Bavarian Nordic shot have been shown in studies to be effective at preventing monkeypox, which is closely related to smallpox but much less severe. And Moderna is testing potential vaccines against monkeypox in pre-clinical trials, Reuters adds.

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