Travere Therapeutics drug, approved for one rare and deadly kidney disease, fails in study of another

Just a few months after the FDA approved sparsentan for IgA nephropathy, Travere Therapeutics said the drug failed to improve kidney function for FSGS in a Phase 3 study.

SAN DIEGO  — Travere Therapeutics, a biotech focused on treating rare diseases, on Monday announced that a Phase 3 trial of an experimental treatment for focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, a rare and deadly kidney disease, failed to improve kidney function.

In the 371-person study, half of patients were randomly assigned to receive the drug, known as sparsentan, while the other half received irbesartan, a blood pressure treatment used as a control. Both groups were monitored for two years, and while the study’s main measurement — average kidney function — was higher among patients on sparsentan compared to the placebo group, the finding was not statistically significant.

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